Friday, 30 April 2010

The Business Plan

... is melting my brain. So here's a picture of our cat instead.

He's six months old now, and we still haven't settled on a name for him. So far he's been called:

*Shere Khan
*Sir Alan
*Alan Dershowitz
*Camilla Catmanghelidjh

There may be more, I can't keep track. Everyone shrieks with horror when we say he still hasn't been named, as if he's a neglected baby. He's a cat. If we'd chosen a sensible name from day 1 and scrupulously called him it every time we went near him, he'd still ignore us whenever he wanted to stalk birds, climb trees, make inscrutable gurgles or indeed browse social networking sites.

Cattyman is currently the second item in Katie's inevitable Durrellesque Corfiot menagerie, item one being Abu Hamster (currently incarcerated in the loo for his own safety). Once in Corfu, I've been warned to expect a goat, a tortoise, a puppy and a baby donkey.

They might not make it into the business plan, though. But maybe a Nativity-themed Christmas card..?

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