Friday, 21 May 2010

In the beginning, was the Logo

Endless tinkering with Gimp- a sort of free Photoshop- has led me to create the above logo for our oil.

It's the old crest of the Septinsular Republic, given a snazzy new colouring-in. The aim is (milking our 400-year-old Venetian-planted olive trees for all their worth) to market the oil as if it were an expensive Italian wine- think Chianti or Lacryma Christi bottles with their gilded heraldic crests.

Katie thinks it's too masculine, and sinister... what do you think? I suspect that, like wine, it's men rather than women that buy boutique olive oils.

Certainly, rival brands seem aggressively, even hyper-masculine:

I may have to accede to Katie's consistently better judgment. That said, it is a nice logo, though perhaps more for a Ruritanian statelet than a viable business.


  1. Oh Aris I can understand you wanting to get away from the twee olive tree image for your logo but I have to agree with Kate. Sorry to dis your work and all the hours you have put in but it's more befitting a horror mag.

    Love the minimalist lambda label. Less is more :-)

  2. Bah humbug!

    But no, you're right. Eveyone who's seen it so far has recoiled in horror, which probably isn't the reaction we want...

    Back to the drawing board, I guess. Thanks for the feedback, and for reading us, Eileen.



  3. Aris, I don't know if this will help or hinder but you might want to look for Garri's posts on the following forum topic re-logos....

  4. Excuse me K, but I instantly liked it. But perhaps that's because I admire Ilias Zervos of Cephalonia, most influential of that group with the Ionian Rizospasti, who dreamed of an autonomous Septinsular Republic. It was probably always a forlorn hope which might be another reason for being cautious about this logo.
    For me the pleasure was seeing at once the colour of the olive oil - sun through olive groves - and the (and a bottle) and the deep spinach green that defines Corfu. Keep it in reserve. The logo also recalled Tate & Lyle golden syrup logo - out of the strong came forth sweetness

    I hope you don't abandon the lion. My wife and son (who does web design), both without hearing my opinion said they liked the logo. Richard said two other things - "It mightn't work in Greece but in England...maybe yes" adding "perhaps you should lose the cross" Well ...perhaps not entirely, but embossed rather than inscribed.
    One more things, from a brief internship long ago in advertising, have you researched the meaning of the olive and olive oil in the northern psyche, in the Christian? Of course, but it can't be all about health benefits. Isn't olive oil a vector (sorry) for a whole lot of other things. I know I'd rather not buy from a shelf. I'd rather drive, cycle or even walk to your estancia with a number of my own empty bottles and pay to have them filled from a vat as I wait. I'd be delighted to have your logo on my receipt.